Off Road Checklist

So your heading off road? As with major trip or excursion with your vehicle there is a checklist you should follow. Follow this list to have a great and safe time on the trail!


Jeep refueling for an off road trip
Refueling for Off road

You should check all the fluids in your vehicle before a trip including

  • Fuel– make sure you fill the tank before heading miles away from any fuel
  • Oil — Full and clean oil will prevent engine damage
  • Power Steering Fluid — Navigating rough terrain without Power steering will ruin your day
  • Brake fluid — Low brake fluid can indicate worn brake components and will require attention before your trip
  • Coolant — climbing obstacles at low speeds can increase the engine temperature and having low coolant can cause overheating
  • Washer fluid — A muddy windshield with no way to clean can really complicate your trip


Off road load out
Off Road Load Out

This is my my off road load out yours may vary slightly but I wont head onto the trail with at least what is pictured. Including

  • Go Pro and Accessories
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Tow Rope and Gloves
  • Tree Saver
  • Zip ties
  • Tire pressure Gauge
  • Winch remote
  • Cooler
  • Proper Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Foldable Shovel / Tools
  • D rings
  • Radios

These are the items I will not hit the trail without. I always try and prep my cooler for how long I anticipate riding for and who is riding with me. In this picture I have a small cooler with Water bottles and Light snacks as it was only me in my vehicle. However when my Jeep is loaded with Family and friends I always fill a 20 qt cooler and bring a back pack full of snacks or premade lunches.


Setting tire pressure
Setting Pressure

Adjusting tire Pressure – There is a huge difference in ride quality and tread patch when lowering the tire pressure. I like to ride at 20-25 psi depending on the trail or terrain of the day.

Tire Repair Kit – Its always a Good Idea to keep a tire repair kit with you in case a tire is damaged.

Spare tire – Having a spare is even better if your able to carry one. I always like to throw mine in the bed of one of the gladiators we usually ride with.

Tire condition – Making sure your tires have tread and ideally are the proper style of tire for your intended use.

Friends / Other Rigs

Jeeps lined up on the side of the trail.
Wheeling at Windrock

Riding with friends is alot more fun and safer than riding alone. Having backup to help you over a difficult obstacle, having another vehicle to pull you out if needed, or just having someone to chat with about while making a stop on the trail really will enhance your enjoyment. After all whos going to laugh at you saying roger, over and 10-4 on the radio if your by yourself!

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