Long overdue NiteMare update

It's been some time since we updated our project 1986 Mustang. We have let it sit,done a few small items but then I got a wild hair and installed a set of Trick Flows Fast as Cast heads and new rockers,pushrods. We are now using Accufabs 75mm TB and 30lb injectors with 75mm maf. Some people are scratching their heads saying but wait didn't you just build the engine? Yes and I should have put theses heads on then. After that we removed the interior to add Cool it heat and sound mat all over the car to dampen some of the road noise and boy it works good. Car is back over at Robert Hindmans place for tuning again and to find a pain in the butt miss. Since the new heads have a slightly larger combustion chamber we are now in the 10.25 compression range instead of 10.5 or so.

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