JL Wrangler Lift Sizes

How much should I lift?

This is a common question we receive here at the shop. Hopefully this guide will help you decide what is the proper size for you! Usually when discussing lifts here we want to know what you intend to do with the Jeep. Here are a few of the questions to help us decide your best course of action.

  • Are you going to use the Jeep offroad?
  • What size tire do you want?
  • What is your budget?

Leveling kit

Leveled JLU
JLU Leveled

A leveling kit brings the front of the Jeep up level with the rear of the Jeep. This option will allow you to clear up to a 35″ tire. It is a good entry level lift kit to get your foot in the door with a lift kit. This kit with the addition of a 35″ tire will increase your ground clearance and the look of the Jeep.

2.5 Inch Lift kit

2.5" LIfted JLU
2.5″ Lifted JL

The 2.5″ JL Wrangler Lift Size for a JL is a good entry level kit. It can be very capable off road and doesn’t raise the center of gravity very high. When building your 2.5″ lift you have several options for components.

  • Spring rate/ Stiffness
  • Shock style and damping
  • Adjustable control arms
  • Sway bar disconnects
  • Adjustable track bars

Take a look at these videos of a completed JL with a 2.5″ lift. The first video is the completed Jeep, the second is it being used offroad.

3.5 Inch Lift kit

3.5" Lifted JLU
3.5″ lifted JLU

The 3.5″ JL Wrangler Lift Size offers the same options as listed above, but allows you to increase your ground clearance further offering up to a 37″ tire on Non Rubicon wranglers and even larger with a Rubicon, due to the higher fender flares. When you decide to go to a 3.5″ lift on your JL be prepared for the added expense of a replacement front driveshaft. Take a look at the videos below of JLUs with 3.5″ of lift

Mojito JLU with 3.5″ lift
3.5″ Lifted JLU

–Joshua Shook Sr.

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