Jeep Re-gearing

Re-gearing your Jeep can have a wide array of benefits, from increasing fuel economy, increasing torque, tow capacity, etc. The most common re-gear on Jeeps is performed after the Tire size has been changed to a larger diameter. This is performed most commonly by replacing the vehicles Ring and Pinion gears, but can be changed with Transfer case changes, or portal axles.

Why should I re-gear?

When you change the tire size on your Jeep you are changing the Effective Gear ratio. The effective gear ratio is what your setup is with the larger tire size. For example if your Jeep came with a 3.55 ratio and your Jeep has a tire size or 255/70/17 and you change the tire size to 315/70/17 you have changed the effective gear ratio to 3.21. This means that the engine has lost mechanical advantage over the tires and it may be sluggish or low on power.

Changing the gear ratio can help the engine regain its mechanical advantage and bring back the performance you had before the tire size change, or can improve over what the factory was depending on your need.

Master tech
Master Tech Tony Checking Backlash

What will I need for my Re-gear?

There are several parts you will need to regear your Jeep. These will vary by the year and set up of your Jeep and includes:

  • Ring and Pinion Sets
  • Pinion and Carrier Bearings
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Collar
  • Pinion seal
  • Carrier– needed for certain gear ratios
  • Speedometer calibration device
  • Fluids
  • Gear paint

This list covers the parts you will need for gear set up, but is missing the most important part A QUALIFIED INSTALLER! You can look around and find a wide range of prices to perform your regear job. Make sure you do your research and choose the shop that is right for you. On a weekly basis we repair other shops re-gear mishaps. To be set up properly the ring and pinion pattern must be set to a specific setting to ensure long life and quiet, reliable operation.

Gear Pattern
Close up of Gear pattern on a Dana 44

What else should you consider?

There are alot of parts you may want to upgrade when you are performing a re-gear due to your specific needs and vehicles use. A good idea is always to upgrade the axle shafts, they have to come out anyway so why not have new Chromoly axle shafts installed for no labor cost. Another good consideration is to install a traction device, a Detroit Trutrac, Limited slip, or E locker again these can be installed for little or no additional labor depending on the situation.

I hope this list is helpful for you and if you need any additional information or guidance on your build please feel free to give us a call at the shop at (865)691-300


— Joshua Shook Sr.

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