Customer supplied parts?

This is a call we get frequently at the shop, a customer has purchased parts online or at a parts store and is looking for install. The customer may have planned to install the parts and ran out of time, Possibly wanted to attempt the repair and got in over their head, or maybe just think that its a way to save money. For many years we would happily install customers parts however every time that we offered to install an outside part it has turned into a problem for us and the customer. I want to give you a few examples of issues that have came up with previous attempts to help customers with their own parts.

Wrong Pinion yoke

Wrong Part

The customer has done the research and carefully chosen parts for their vehicle and they bring them in. We disassemble the car and begin the install on the parts only to find out its incorrect for the vehicle. Now the customer must pick up the part take it back to the parts store or ship it back to the online retailer and wait for a replacement. Now their vehicle is disabled on the rack they have to wait for replacement parts. The shop is now left to either reassemble the vehicle and charge the customer for the labor without their vehicle repaired, or leave the vehicle on the rack and halt the flow of the shop while waiting for the customer to secure the correct parts. None of the results end up with a satisfied customer.

Incorrect TIPM Module

Defective Part

The customer supplies a part that is of “high quality” and wants it installed. We begin the repair process and install the part and take the vehicle for a test drive. On the test drive the new part fails. The repair is already completed and to no fault to the shop or the customer the part has failed and the customer must pay the labor without their vehicle being fixed. This is a recipe for disaster. Ive had several customers tell me “I understand there is no warranty on customer supplied parts, I wont be mad if something happens” I can promise you that sentiment goes out the window when they are faced with a $1000 repair charge and a vehicle is in a worse condition then when it arrived due to a Defective or Failed part.

Missing components

The customer has researched parts and ordered what they believe are all the components needed to install. We being the repair process and find out 1/2 through the job that hardware is missing, wiring is missing, brackets are missing etc. Sometimes we can work around these issues but normally these parts are specialty parts and require replacements to be ordered in. Again the vehicle is disabled to no fault of the customer or us and the customer is left to battle the manufacturer or distributor of the product. While we have a vehicle we cannot move and other customers repairs are delayed.

False Advertising

The customer has provided a set of headlamps to install on their vehicle. The customer is excited to have halo lights that change color. We perform the install the lamps only to find out that the light does not offer that feature on the customers vehicle or they do not work as described in the advertisement for the part. The customers expectations are not met and they are faced with a bill for install and leave unsatisfied.

How can we ensure customer satisfaction?

All of the above issues can be handled by allowing the shop to source and install the parts. The shop will have relationships with many parts houses and dealers to secure the proper parts for your vehicle. The shop will have trained experienced professionals sourcing and quoting proper parts. Also competent shops will have Parts and labor warranty agreements with parts distributors to cover the cost of replacement for 1 year. Example, if the shop installs a part that fails the manufacturer of the part will replace the part and pay the shop to perform the repair caused by their failed part. Towing coverage, a good shop will have free towing coverage for their customers so if the repair fails the vehicle can be brought back to the shop Free of charge to get the repair done at no cost to the customer.

After being in business for over 20 years we have seen just about every kind of issue you can imagine on vehicles, parts and with customers. Our main goal has always been and will always be customer satisfaction and not installing outside parts helps us maintain our high level of quality and customer satisfaction. I recommend you choose a shop you trust and have them take care of your vehicle from front too back. We are here to help you and get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Don’t put yourself through the stress and expense of supplying your own parts. Please give us a call if you have any questions or need competent advice on your vehicle! 865-691-3400

— Joshua Shook Sr.

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