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In todays blog post Id like to discuss the Baxter Performance Adapters for the 3.6L Engine. To start we should discuss who Baxter Performance is and why we use and sell their products.

Baxter Performance Adapter
Baxter Performance Adapter

Who is Baxter Performance USA?

The company was founded in 2015 by Kevin Baxter in Washington State. Baxter Performance Usa is an American Company performing all design, manufacture and distributing in the United States. They design and manufacture unique engine oil system solutions to minimize engine damage on “dry” starts. Through intelligent design and thoughtful engineering they have created a solution to directly address oil system deficiencies. I have met with the Owner Kevin and discussed future products and applications as well as learned more about the behind the scenes at Baxter Performance USA. The entire team has a commitment to quality and customer service that is truly unmatched in todays climate.

How does it work?

By converting from a cartridge oil filter to a spin on and incorporating an anti drain back valve they maintain the oil in the top of the engine where it can be quickly distributed to the upper end components. Watch the video below for more specifics and a demonstration.

What vehicles does it fit?

Baxter Performance USA offers adapters for several vehicles including exclusive adapters for Toyota, Lexus, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, Ford, Lincoln, and Subaru and will soon be offering adapters for Mercedes Benz and others. The most common application we use here is for the 3.6L Pentastar 2014 and up. This covers Wranglers, Rams, Grand Cherokees, Pacificas, and almost every vehicle with the Pentastar engine.

Why should you use Baxter adapter?

There are several reasons to use a Baxter Performance USA adapter on your vehicle. The main reason is to improve the lubrication to the upper end on cold starts and minimize unnecessary wear. At the moment of writing this blog post we currently have 3 3.6L engine having camshafts and lifters replaced. All of this work could have been prevented by using the Baxter Performance USA adapters.

–Joshua Shook Sr.

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