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You may have seen the ASE badge or signage at your favorite auto repair facility and wondered what is ASE and what does their certification mean to me. This blog post will explain to you who ASE is, What certifications they offer, and why it is important to you as a consumer.

Who is ASE?

ASE is short for National Institute Automotive Service Excellence. ASE offers testing and certifications to Shops, Service Employees and Technicians in over 50 Automotive Disciplines including

  • Automobile Repair and Maintenance
  • Collision Repair
  • Service Consultant
  • Parts Specialist

These tests are meant to prove knowledge in the chosen field and include questions about procedure, common issues, and proper repair methods. Simply passing the test is not enough to earn certification in the field. In order to be certified a 2 year work history in the specific discipline is required to be provided to ASE for review. These are not simple tests as only 2/3 of the students pass the test on the first attempt.

Why is it Important to you?

The importance of using an ASE certified shop with ASE certified staff cannot be understated. By using an ASE Certified repair center you know that the people repairing your vehicle are trained, experienced, and certified. They are committed to their job and are willing to prove their skills by taking the test and earning the certification. They also are committed to further education as the ASE certification expires and the Technician must re certify at specific intervals.

In the post covid world of high employee turnover and quiet quitting etc its good to know that the person repairing your vehicle has shown a commitment to the field and job. He or She is not just someone with a small amount of tools who helped their father change a tire once on the side of the road, but instead a true professional in the industry. They will treat your vehicle with care, and agree to a specific code of ethics set forth by ASE.

Is my preferred shop ASE certified?

ASE signage and certificates
ASE Signage and Certificates

If your shop is an ASE certified repair shop they will have signage on the building and in the waiting room. They will also have displayed the Employees Certifications in the lobby/ waiting room. All Terrain Auto Care is proud to be an ASE certified and 100% of our staff is ASE certified including our Service advisors. If you need any help or want advise on your vehicle from ASE certified professionals give us a call at 865-691-3400

— Joshua Shook Sr.

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